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Overcome the Curve

The forgetting curve hypothesizes the decline of memory retention in time. This curve shows how information is lost over time when there is no attempt to retain it.

A typical graph of the forgetting curve purports to show that humans tend to halve their memory of newly learned knowledge in a matter of days or weeks unless they consciously review the learned material.

Our app is designed to overcome the forgetting curve.

Canadian Citizenship Test

All you need to know about the citizenship test.


The Canadian Citizenship Test is a test administered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). It is required for all applicants for Canadian citizenship who are aged between 14 and 64 (changed under the new rules introduced in 2014) and who meet the basic requirements for citizenship. It is the last step before the citizenship ceremony for any person to become a Canadian citizen. You will need to make good preparion in order to pass it.

The test lasts for 30 minutes and contains 20 multiple choice questions. You must answer at least 15 (75%) (passing mark) questions correctly in order to pass the test. It takes up to 3 months for you to take another test if you failed one.

The test shows what you know about Canada. It is usually written, but you may be also asked to come to an interview with a citizenship officer. The questions are based on the content of the offical guide “Discover Canada (The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship)” and will asks questions on the following subject matters:

  • The rights, freedoms and responsibilities of Canadian citizens (e.g. “Name three legal rights protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”)
  • Canada’s democracy, political system, monarchy and branches of government (e.g. “How are members of Parliament chosen?”)
  • Canadian history (e.g. “Who were the United Empire Loyalists?”)
  • Canadian social and cultural history and symbols
  • Canadian physical and political geography (e.g. “Where are the Parliament buildings located?”)
  • Specific questions about the applicant’s region – (e.g. “What is the name of the premier of your province or territory?”

After Test

If you passed the test, you will either be invited to attend a citizenship ceremony within six months or receive a residency questionnaire requesting further evidence of living in Canada.

If you failed, you will be scheduled for a second time to take the written test. If you failed again you will then be required to have an 15 to 20 minute interview with a citizenship judge.


Since 2010, reforms have included a new and more thorough test was introduced based on a longer 63-page guide, and institution of a higher score needed to pass it: 75 per cent (or 15 out of 20 multiple choice questions) from 60 per cent. The failure rate for the citizenship test is much higher than before as a result. When it was first introduced, the failure rate rose to 30%. Later on, a reworked version of the test introduced on October 14, 2010 brought the national failure rate down to around 20%, but the rate was still significantly higher than before.

In 2014, the Harper government took several steps to toughen standards around citizenship, the test is now considerably more difficult, which promotes passing rate declines of up to 20 per cent in some populations taking the test. The citizenship processing fee from $100 to $530. And successful candidates must pay another $100 “Right of Citizenship” fee. Applicants between the ages of 14 and 64 must meet basic knowledge and language requirements, whereas before the changes, applicants age over 55 is exampted from the test.

Recent study also shows that there has been a big drop in the number of test takers passing the test, especially from certain immigrate groups. Among with the raising fees, it is more important than ever to make sure you pass in the first go.

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